Thursday, February 27, 2020

Sergio Troncoso Wins Kay Cattarulla Award

Yesterday I received this news: The first story "Rosary on the Border" in A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's Son (Cinco Puntos Press) won the 2020 Kay Cattarulla Award for Best Short Story ($1,000) from the Texas Institute of Letters. Thank you to the judges for selecting my story.

On this crazy day, I also found out that I have an offer for an English and Spanish audio book for A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's Son. So it's been a heckuva day!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Literal Magazine Review: A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's Son

Review in Literal Magazine of A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son (Cinco Puntos Press):

“The short stories in A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant’s Son, his latest book, are all linked: many share the same characters, and some—in a neat narrative trick—even cause one to entirely reevaluate a previous story. Generally, they move from stark, spare realism in the first few stories, to lush dystopian surrealism in the last few. Although many stories take place far from the Rio Grande, this is a robust, proud exploration of what it is like to be (on what one character calls) “the edge of the edge of the United States”: to be the child of immigrants, to be straddling two worlds—lines between love and sex, past and future, civilization and brutality, life and death.”

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Behind the Pages Interviews Sergio Troncoso

Diane Goshgarian of Behind the Pages interviews Sergio Troncoso at 22-CityView in Cambridge, Massachusetts on November of 26, 2019. They have an in depth discussion about A Peculiar Kind of Immigrant's Son, particularly the first three stories, "Rosary on the Border," "New Englander," and "A Living Museum of Love."